The indecisive man

An early riser, but one must be when there are so many decisions to deliberate over throughout the day. Just not enough time. Firstly, upon waking up the decision of which breakfast. Will today require a high fibre breakfast, or will a quick morning coffee do? These decisions just the tip of the iceberg, but better to limit the options to these two choices. Next, clothes. So, the shirt, classic white – yes that’ll do. Actually, burgundy could work. Yes, burgundy, some nice light chinos, shoes (the only pair available… easy decision there). Done. Alright, nearly there. Now to get ready… DAMN, late again. Forgot to choose boxers and socks… great, better just call in sick.



Today we escape through imaginary worlds, staring into a box of fiction, in order to escape the mundane realism of the 9-5 drag. A set routine, with any sponitaniety wasted on the choice between brown toast or white, porridge or coco pops (for those who dare defy such social parameters), in order to reminisce upon a childhood that seems a distant memory. The bus journey eased along by music, briefly lifting the mood, till a fellow commuter looks over in distain at the fact someone on the bus is exhibiting signs of life. Have we progressed as a society and race?