The Gambler

Is a gambler’s mindset a testament to human nature, and the hope which we all feel in any given scenario. Does it show that joy outweighs sorrow. The jubilation of winning  enough to keep going, even against the devastation of loss. In an instant the loss just experienced, wiped away by the excitement and euphoria of wining, the hope has prevailed, nevermimd what has happened previously, this moment is what counts. 

This is in no way an advertisement for gambling rather than an observation of human behaviour. It shows that even with all that happens in our world, the light still outshines the dark.


Wind – How we relate

The constant changing of direction, the fury of nature truly exhibited through the characteristics of wind. Human spirit is akin to the wind in many ways. In an instant, we allow ourselves to go from moments of peace and tranquility to celebration and euphoria. We constantly speed up and slow down in search of the never ending pursuit of happiness which life brings. Happiness is not a constant, but rather brief moments, comparable to the brief moments in nature, where the sun and wind caress your skin in perfect harmony, to create what can be a peaceful break in the hustle and bustle of the modern world.


Today we escape through imaginary worlds, staring into a box of fiction, in order to escape the mundane realism of the 9-5 drag. A set routine, with any sponitaniety wasted on the choice between brown toast or white, porridge or coco pops (for those who dare defy such social parameters), in order to reminisce upon a childhood that seems a distant memory. The bus journey eased along by music, briefly lifting the mood, till a fellow commuter looks over in distain at the fact someone on the bus is exhibiting signs of life. Have we progressed as a society and race? 

In the mirror

When we look in the mirror, we see everything, the world around us as usual, but also ourselves. Mirrors are extremely useful, we use them when driving, doing make-up and many more things. Now to me, these are scary objects, they seem to show cars driving for us from behind, but what really freaks me out is the clown that’s always standing behind me … nice fella though I’m sure.

Hi There!

Modern Perspective will be an eclectic mix of ideas and thoughts. Causing modern society to take in and think about what is being written. There is no set topic, but rather a random outlay of posts, which will keep everyone posted on what is happening in the mind of a normal person or indeed people… maybe not quite normal.

Hope you enjoy, the large periods of silence, followed by the odd post, or maybe the opposite… who knows.

However, if you do not find these posts in anyway amusing or interesting, I would appreciate your silence.